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Paddle boarding playlist suggestions.

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Before everyone groans, or pans our musical taste, it should be noted this isn’t ‘an ultimate’ or ‘best of’ paddling playlist. They’re merely suggestions of tunes that encompass the SUP paddling vibe and COULD (and we emphasise the word) end up on your pre or post session playlist. You will, of course, have your own music that makes that cut. Which is only right. So why not let us know what you’d add. (Or take out).

Surf Rider – The Lively Ones.

Brought back from history by Quentin Tarantino who used the Surf |Rider tune in Pulp Fiction’s end sequence it’s a classic washed out reverb slice of surf rock. A simple rock song by today’s standards, yet simple isn’t always so simple to produce well. Anyways it’s definitely one to consider.

Surf Wax America – Weezer.

A more modern take on surf rock this time with a recognisable Weezer track that’s essentially a love letter to the simple life. Surf Wax America might technically be surf rock but it’s got plenty of smashed power chords to keep the hard rock brigade sweet.

Big River – Johnny Cash.

We couldn’t have a list like this and not feature a Johnny Cash song. Even more, his boom chicka boom Big River tune which sums up so much about what paddling on a big river can be. There are plenty other Johnny Cash tunes that could’ve ended up here we know.

Goin’ Up Country – Canned Heat.

A hippie anthem maybe, and one that’s staple Woodstock era, it’s still worthy of inclusion on your paddling playlist. Representing leaving society and traveling down dirt roads this is what we all do to get to that SUP put in, ready for a new paddling adventure.

Take A Walk – Passion Pit.

Replace the word ‘walk’ with ‘paddle’ and you’ve got it! Indie electronica with a driving beat; a fun and blissful song to get the paddling started or one to reminisce to on the way home.

As we said at the start this isn’t an ultimate paddling playlist as there are too many songs in the world and musical styles to cover everything. But it’s a start…

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