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Paddle boarding – looking for inspirational places to paddle in Wales?

Paddle boarding in Wales is something we love. The very lovely Lisa and Charlie Drewe have spent years exploring every last nook and cove of Wales to put together this inspirational top 100 list of places to paddle board in Wales.

Paddle boarding chat and coffee was the order of the day when we met them a week ago. We had a good old natter about the book, and about all things we share a passion for. Wales, Scotland, the South West, sea mammals, paddle boarding, islands, water quality, responsible paddling, gear quality and pretty much anything you can squeeze into a few hours.

For followers of McConks, you’ll know that we’re massive fans of Wales. Spending at least one of our holidays every year there . So we already know quite a few amazing paddles in Wales. Even so, this great little book has given us a whole heap of motivation for different holiday bases and different paddles we’ve not yet found.

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This isn’t Lisa and Charlie’s first rodeo. Check out their islandeering website for general inspiration, and for the spot advice around the UK.

And finally

Did you know we’ve got a massive selection of travel and paddle boarding spot advice both in the UK and internationally, with a useful map to navigate around?

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