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Paddle board stock level check – McConks paddle boarding kit.

How to check what paddle board products McConks have in stock

If you want to see what paddle board products are in stock, what’s on preorder, and what’s out of stock, or not being replenished, this table will help you.

If it shows a number in the last column, that tells you how many we have left available to order.

McConks paddle board gear stock check
McConks paddle board gear.

The title will then tell you if it is pre-order or from current stock.

For example, if the Product title doesn’t include the words ‘preorder’, and the stock number is 2, that means we have two available for immediate despatch.

If the product title includes the word preorder, and reads ‘Preorder for (expected month of delivery)’, then the stock value is the number of items we still have available for purchase for that expected delivery date.

[Occasionally, you might see a product that isn’t marked as preorder, but is shown as ‘on backorder’. This is us failing to keep to up to date with titles on the website when an in stock item sells out sorry. The current expected delivery for anything that shows a zero stock value but is available on backorder is Mid May 2024.]

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