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Paddle, board and camera, check: autumn can be the best time of year for SUP sunrise and sunset photos.

As the weather begins to turn more crisp and sharp it’s the best time of year to capture those early bird or late in the day sunrise and sunset shots. Grabbing some late season stand up paddle boarding is a brilliant excuse for ashooting those crisp sun rising and dipping pix. Usually, paddling locations offer more open spaces than if at home and big sky is just the ticket for viewing that orange ball of fire doing its cyclical thing. Here are a few of our top shots whilst out afloat, getting ready to roll or finishing off the session.

Harbour stunner – SUP sunrise with a GoPro.
End of play sunset SUP.
A chilly, sunny end to an autumn SUP sesh.
Early morning, sunrise SUP view from the surf.
Getting cooler – sunrise SUP GoPro pic.
The best end to a day – SUP awesome!
Like a painting – the hues and colours of autumn SUP sunsets.
Through the trees – silhouetted sunset.

These are just a few of recent sunrise/sunset SUP shots. Why not show us yours!

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