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Outdoor adventures in the rain – 5 fun family things to do in the wet.

Outdoor adventures can be had at any time of year and with any type of weather. At the time of writing, there’s a lot of rain sluicing down across the UK. And whilst this may put some people off heading outdoors there’s always a fun way to enjoy the conditions. You just have to be prepared and clothed appropriately for what Mother Nature’s serving up. We can’t control the weather so we may as well try working with it.

Rainy day outdoor adventures essentials.

paddleboard dry bag

If you’re going to get amongst it on rainy days you’ll need a few essential items. Not least because you don’t want anybody in your group to be uncomfortable. If you get wet – of which there’s a distinct possibility – dry clothes are a must. But you’ll need a decent dry bag to store your moisture free clobber. As well as having somewhere to deposit your damp after.

Also, carrying a hot drink is no bad thing when out on outdoor adventures in the rain. Again, if you get damp you may also get cold – especially small children. A warm drink will help get those inner fires burning once again. Above are a few McConks outdoor adventure ready products to help you along on your rainy day adventures.

1. Get out and play in the rain.

During cooler months in the UK, you’ll need to wear waterproofs and wellies to keep as comfy and toasty as possible. But with the right clobber puddle jumping and splashing about in the wet can be good fun. Kids love playing in puddles so why not make use of the wet weather.

There’s nothing like a bit of outdoor play in the rain.

In warmer times, it may be hot enough to slosh about in the wet with just your swimming consume or shorts on. Rainy summer days can be pleasant. In fact, if it’s particularly warm then the rain may provide some respite from the heat. But you’ll still need a way of warming up as you can still get chilly. Even in high season months.

2. Build a shelter or den to hide from the rain in the forest.

When you’re all wrapped up a fun thing to do on rainy is to head off into the woods and build yourself a shelter or den. Being busy you won’t notice the wet. And then, once your shelter’s complete you can get inside to dry off.

Taking things further you can also create a fire pit and toast up some marshmallows. Or mum and dad can hve a brew. If you make your den big enough you may be able to sling a hammock inside and really chill out. If something like this is on your radar then all we’d suggest is that you leave no trace. 

3. Go for a paddle boarding adventure.

Being a stand up paddle boarding brand you’d expect to McConks to suggest this as one of your potential outdoor adventures in the rain. But it’s true, paddle boarding can be done in almost any weather – as long as you pick your launch spot carefully. Avoid fast flowing rivers and heavily tidal spots. Somewhere with shelter is best.

As you’re going to be wet anyway, paddling in the rain isn’t an issue. Wear the right SUP clothing and you’ll be fine. Take some snacks and supplies with you (stored in a dry bag) and your destination will be all the more relaxed.

4. Wild swimming outdoor adventures in the rain.

As with paddle boarding in the rain wild swimming when it’s tipping down is the perfect activity. Here at McConks we’re often known to take a dip in our local – whatever the weather. And kids love a swim in the wild. Mum and Dad too more often than not.

Outdoor adventures in the rain
Wild swimming is awesome fun in the rain.

If you’ve got your Kelly Kettle with you then that post-session brew up is all the sweeter (especially if you add sugar!). We jest, but wild swimming is a super fun activity to do in the rain. Just remember to pick your wild swimming spot carefully and don’t put yourself or your family in danger.

5. Rainy walks off the beaten track.

Wherever you reside there’ll be off the beaten track pathways and routes that are easy to access. Often you can get to these parts within a short haul from home. And we’re not talking full on hill walking or hiking. Grab your wellies and wet weather clothing and pick a route to explore.

Outdoor adventures in the rain #2
Walking in the rain, possibly to a wild swimming spot, like this can be a fun activity.

For additional family fun turn the ramble into a nature walk. Pick wildlife to spot and see how many you come across and can observe. Perhaps turn into a game where the prize is something like a post-walk hot chocolate. Or ice cream. 

6. Slip ‘n’ slide.

This is a really fun one for rainy day fun. If it’s wet bring out some tarpaulin or other suitably slippy surface. The rain should keep the material damp for slides. It’s then a case of running and sliding – preferably on your tummy.

If you have a stretch of water that lends itself to slip ‘n’ slide fun that can add even more fun. Sliding along a run and ending up in the drink is hilarious. Just be careful not to break yourself as you hurl your body down the slippery path.

7. Rainy cycle adventures.

Grabbing the bikes and heading off for a cycle in the rain can be good muddy and wet fun. Splashing along trails and through wet terrain is great exercise and good for peace of mind. Kids and adults who bike love rainy cycle sessions.

Outdoor adventures in the rain #4
Rainy cycling adventures are another fun outdoor activity when it’s wet.

If you pick a new route then the adventure element is heightened. Perhaps pack some food and drink for a rainy picnic upon arrival at your destination. As with all these activities wear the right clothing, pack some spare dry clobber, and you’ll have a great time.

Summing up.

Outdoor adventures in the rain can be great fun. We appreciate how grey skies and droplets from the sky don’t initially do much for motivation. But if you do indulge you’ll come away feeling reenergised. Observe good outdoor etiquette and practises, plan your activity, and use the right outdoor adventure equipment and your fulfillment levels with be high.

Don’t forget to check out McConks’ online shop for more outdoor adventure gear essentials. And check out the following for more outdoor adventure articles and ideas.

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