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Outdoor adventure combos – 5 fun ways to combine your favourite activities.

Outdoor adventure can be found anywhere – we promote this a lot. But outdoor adventure isn’t just limited to one thing. Sure, you can focus on a specific discipline for the window of opportunity you have. What may be more rewarding, however, is combining two (or more) of the passions you have. Combining activities can be extremely fulfilling. And with that in mind here are some suggestions of how to achieve this.

In this article you’ll find the following –

A word on outdoor adventure equipment.

Whatever type of outdoor adventure you have in mind there’ll be a few essential gear items you should have ready to hand. Outdoor adventures can be ‘lightweight’ requiring minimal kit. Or a bit more in-depth, which necessitates the need for additional equipment.

In all instances, whatever you have planned, make sure you’re prepared and ready with the correct kit. Some of which you’ll find below in the McConks online shop.

Outdoor adventure planning.

We’ve mentioned it above but prior planning of your outdoor adventure is the key to success. No matter how big or small your idea, knowing how you’re going to achieve what you set out to do is vital.

Prior planning…so the saying goes.

Even micro adventures need a little forethought. Whereas bigger sojourns require more – especially if you’re heading off the beaten track. Above all else keep safety of you and your group at the forefront of your mind. Far too often we hear of people putting themselves in hazardous situations. Don’t be a statistic. And don’t tackle more than your experience allows.

1. Paddle boarding to wild swim.

This one is a particular favourite of family McConks. Being a paddle board retailer you’d expect we’re fond of SUP. But we just love being outdoors. And frequently our little crew can be found taking a dip.

Often, having paddled to our chosen spot we’ll then make camp and enjoy some wild swimming. Post-session and swinging between the trees in a hammock, enjoying a brew is simply bliss.

2. Kayaking to wild camp.

Wild camping can be tricky, we appreciate. As not all outdoor areas allow the practice. But there are some spots available. Again, if you research and make prior plans. 

Black Friday SUP 2021
Did you know you can fit a sit down kayaking seat to McConks paddle boards?

Paddling whilst sitting down is then your mode of transport. We appreciate the different vista you get whilst sitting and dipping a blade. There’s certainly synergy between kayaking and SUP. Yet both are unique. A kayak, for some, is perhaps easier to carry essentials. Especially with camping in mind. As you’ll need a decent amount of kit. It’s very worth the effort though.

3. WindSUPing to the pub.

OK, we appreciate not everyone drinks alcohol, in which case you’ll be ordering a soft glass of liquid to quench your thirst. If you’re of a breezy bent, and you own the gear, then using sail power to visit a local watering hole is super fun. WindSUP, for those not aux fait, is defined as light wind windsurfing using a stand up paddle board and rig.

WindSUP can be a great way to get kids into windsurfing.

Here at McConks, we’re no strangers to windsurfing – having grown up with the sport and done our fair share. You may not be aware but we also retail a selection of easily accessible windSUP equipment. Check it out in the online shop here

4. Skatewheel (one wheel) for a picnic lunch.

McConks Skatewheels are much like One Wheels. A kind of hybrid electric skateboard they ride off one wheel and feature gyroscopic technology. Subtly shifts in body weight see the Skatewheel move forwards, backwards and stop. It’s pretty easy to learn.

Once you’re confident you can use a one wheel Skatewheel for all kinds of things. (Family McConks have used it for dog walking in the past). But packing a picnic and heading off to your chosen locations is extremely fun. With a battery range that’s significant, it’s then a case of one wheeling back to base to round the session out.

5. Cycling to hill walk.

As outdoor adventures go hill walking is a classic. However, rather than driving to your hill walking outdoor adventure start point why not cycle? It’s much better for the environment and will deliver its own adventurous feel.

Mountain biking to your outdoor adventure start point
Mountain biking to your outdoor adventure start point.

You’ll need to have planned a circular route to arrive back where you parked your bikes. And we’d suggest not overegging the journey you navigate on two wheels. After a long walk, you may be groaning if the cycle route back is lengthy. Nonetheless, this can be a good one for all the family to enjoy.

Summing up outdoor adventure combos.

The above suggestions are barely scratching the surface of outdoor adventure combo suggestions. You may have an activity in mind that we haven’t even thought of. In which case, go for it! We’d love to hear about how you combine activities to make the most of your recreational time.

And if you’re after more outdoor adventure suggestions, info, tips and advice then head over to the McConks Knowledge Hub where you’ll find plenty.


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