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One wheel SUP injury recovery with the McConks Skatewheel.

We’ve talked about being benched from SUP with injury in this post. As we clarified in that article we’re not talking life or death situations. More inconveniences that halt your SUP fun for a period of days or weeks.

If it’s the latter, and you’re a regular stand up paddler, then your SUP fitness may take a hit during the time it takes to heal. But there are ‘tools’ and methods you can employ to help rebuild that lost SUP fitness and get back amongst it quick smart.

The McConks Skatewheel.

You may have seen posts, pics and vids featuring the McConks Skatewheel before. While it’s certainly a bit of land based fun in its own right. There’s no question riding such a product has additional benefits and cross over traits also.

We know a number of stand up paddle boarders that use additional balance trainers – such as Indo Boards – to help conditions limbs, muscles and joints for more efficient paddling. (McConks also stocks its own balance board by the way, which you can view here). For anyone working their way back from injury, a balance board is a great tool to re-strengthen and get bodies back in shape.

Balance boards are static. And whilst are certainly fun in their own right they don’t quite compare to something moving across Terra Firma. And that ‘something’ still delivers benefit and purpose for anyone looking to improve their balance, strengthen leg muscles and core. As well, of course, as getting fit and healthy after a period off games due to injury.

Speedy conditioning tool.

It should go without saying that we love the McConks Skatewheel. Family McConks regularly use theirs when walking the dog or generally mooching about away from the water. Being super fun and offering a unique feeling – sort of like hovering – riding the Skatewheel is addictive.

And this is why it’s great for helping build back up to full fitness. Training and gym work is just that; training! Whilst some like beasting themselves in the gym we know a good many who don’t. There’s a large demographic who need to more engaged than just pushing weights. And what better way to engage than hovering down lanes and trails aboard your very own Skatewheel? In the process improving your balance and strengthen muscles, joints and limbs.

Elf and safety.

Now don’t get us wrong. We’re not suggesting riding a Skatewheel is the only solution. And it does carry its own set of risks. Stacking yourself into hard tarmac or concrete is just as painful as any injury you’ve picked up. And a fall could result in additionally breaking yourself. So you’ll need to cautious and ride with appropriate safety gear.

Sort a helmet, knee, elbow and wrist guards and you should be fine. Then taking things easy at first will yield best results. The McConks Skatewheel does has an inbuilt safety feature that stops riders going Mach 10. But exercise some judgment when you first hop aboard a Skatewheel.

This all said it’s pretty easy to get to grips with. Most riders will be one wheeling within minutes. If you’re a hydrofoiling nut (maybe wing foiling) you’ll find the Skatewheel’s need for small body adjustments familiar. It’s a good training tool for foilers believe it or not!

Summing up the McConks Skatewheel could offer a fun alternative tool for helping you get back on the water quickly after suffering a minor injury. A fun mode of riding in its own right it’s also a nifty little product for making the most of land based riding.

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