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Not another Black Friday post

Seriously, this isn’t actually another Black Friday post.

But we do want to tell you how you can:

1. Save hundreds of pounds on a brand new top of the range paddleboard (and get a new paddleboard package worth over £600 at the start of the year for as little as £350)

2. Get a free hammock


3. Donate £10 per £100 pound spent to our Go Inspire Foundation to help good causes like this one:

Massive end of line clearance deals

We’re totally overhauling our lineup in 2024. Not because it isn’t already amazing, but we know it could be even better.

If you don’t believe us that they’re products aren’t already amazing, then checkout these reviews.

And if you don’t believe us they can’t be even better, check out this post for a sneak peak to see how we’re making our Go Explore range even better.

Our new range also includes adaptive and inclusive paddleboards, and we’re passionate about getting these into the community at as low a cost as possible, even donating them for free to some charities and charitable causes as we have done in 2023 with specialist adaptive or youth paddleboard providers like Central Scotland adventures, Beyond Boundaries and Scouting Adventures Scotland. And for every £100 you spend between now and the end of November, we will donate £10 to the Go Inspire Foundation to purchase more adaptive and youth boards.

Why are we discounting so much?

Every board that remains in our warehouse over winter is costing us money. And that money could be better used making more of our 2024 range and donating to the Go Inspire Foundation. Basically, we want to empty our warehouse before 2024 comes around.

Enough already, show me the bargains

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