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McConks’s refined social media Stories feed – follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see more.

In an effort to streamline and refine our entire output we’ve been working on a more polished social media Stories feed. Facebook and Instagram Stories (for anyone not aware) are ways to digest brand output in bitesize form. It’s visible across the top of user news feeds and is easily clickable. This makes it simpler to see updates and not have to scroll through reams of material.

From McConks’ point of view, we want to use this channel as a way to further educate and inspire our followers. As such, we’ll be using Facebook and Instagram Stories to highlight McConks products – some of which you mightn’t be familiar with – offer SUP (and general watersports) tips and hacks and provide paddling and riding inspiration.

If you already follow McConks on Instagram and Facebook you may have already seen these new Stories posts we’ve been putting out. If not, have no fear! All you need to do is hit up either the McConks Facebook or Instagram pages, click like or follow and you’ll start seeing McConks Stories and feed posts on your timeline.

Also, if there’s something specific you’d like to see, such as a particular SUP hack for instance, let us know as we can publish on either platform.

Here’s a flavour below of what Stories we’ve published to date.

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