McConks watersports guides.

Here at McConks we have a long and rich history across a variety of watersports. This is why you’ll find a diverse array of products in the McConks webshop covering multiple disciplines. Not just stand up paddle boarding. SUP remains our bread and butter but we also appreciate the want and need to get afloat whatever the weather.

Often Mother Nature’s not playing ball when it comes to stand up paddle boarding. At least if flat water and windless conditions are what you’re searching for. That’s when it’s time to switch things up and make use of other ‘tools’. Windsurfing has been something Family McConks has pursued in the past. And more recently wingsurfing wings have made their presence felt. We see these ‘engines’ as an extension of the paddle. If it’s breezy go wing or sail. Otherwise, stick with your SUP kit. Or…

Electric hydrofoil boards are another area we’ve been dabbling with. Introduced in early 2021 the Fly McConks eFoil landed with much anticipation. We’ve since enjoyed countless hours flying above water at our local. Whilst certainly not paddling this unique craft serves a very specific sensation. Fun and addictive foiling is a big growth area of watersports. We apreciate the battery powered nature of eFoils does bump the price up and make acquiring kit tricky. But if you get a chance to fly we know you’ll be hooked.

Why are we spieling on about all this? Well, if you have any inclination of progressing your watersports career beyond recreational stand up paddle boarding you’ll need some know how and knowledge. Enter the McConks watersports guides, which cover a variety of bases. This knowledge is aimed to show you the ways and help you on your journey into other disciplines.

You’ll find the following guides via the links below –

McConks SUP user guide. – everything you need to get started on your stand up paddle boarding journey.

McConks beginner guide to SUP. – more knowledge articles for SUP newbies.

McConks SUP safety. – essential reading for anyone going afloat.

McConks guide to foiling. – fancy flying above water? If so, these articles are for you.

McConks guide to windsports. – if sail power’s your thing then head here.

McConks guide to adventure SUP. – get off the beaten track and find your own space.

Also don’t forget we have an extensive selection of bitsize SUP destination guides, for both the UK and aborad, if you’re looking for inspiration for where to paddle.

UK SUP spot guides.

International SUP spot guides.

As we said above these guides are continually evolving and being added to so keep your eyes peeled for more articles moving forwards.

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