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McConks SUP user guide: how to attach a kayak seat to your stand up paddle board.

A lot of inflatable boards – incuding some of McConks’ line up – have the option of fitting a sit on top style kayak seat (some call it a SUP seat) to the deck mounted D-rings that come included. This gives even greater versatility to your already broad use inflatable stand up paddle board. It can also be a nice way to get those who struggle to stand on a bobbing platform out afloat and having fun.

The McConks SUP seat, fitted and ready to go.

Fitting a kayak seat to your stand up paddl eboard is relatively easy. It’s all about affixed the webbing straps to the aforementioned D-rings and tensioning. The webbing strap tension gives rigidity to the seat and allows a (mostly) comfortable paddling position. We will say that because of a stand up paddle board’s flat deck – unlike a sit on top kay which has a scooped out cockpit area – it’s not quite as efficient as piloting a boat (but it isn’t far off!).

As another way to enjoy your McConks inflatable stand up paddle board having the opportunity to sit down and paddle is welcomed by many. It can be particularly good if the water state’s choppy and the breeze is up. Being lower means you’ll make much better headway into wind and not be as wobbly because of your lower centre of gravity. For more info of fitting a kayak seat to your iSUP check out the video below –

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