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McConks SUP user guide #3: how to fit your stand up paddle board fins.

McConks SUP user guide #3. Stand up paddle board fins are one of the important aspects of your SUP set up, yet equally one of the most overlooked areas. Fins have the ability to completely change the performance of a SUP (hard board or inflatable).

McConks SUP boards are premium. Therefore decent fins are needed. In fact, whatever type of paddle board you have fins should be given some attention.

They can make a good board perform rubbish and a bad board feel much better than it should. It’s worth therefore getting your SUP fins sorted – at least fitted correctly in the first instance. This article tells you more.

McConks fins are mostly about two types:

A US box centrally located fin. The fin’s rake facing towards the board’s rear, the fin slotting into the middle casing secured with one screw and washer. It’s possible to affix your stand up paddle board fin the wrong way round – and easy mistake to make as a new stand up paddler. You’ll soon discover, however, that a stand up paddle fin the wrong way round doesn’t make for efficient SUP performance!

We will add, however, that if you make this faux par then don’t worry. There’s no reason why you’d know which way round a stand up paddle board fin should go. If you’ve no prior watersports experience then why would you? So it’s a mistake you’ll make one time only – as long as you’re shown the correct way to fit your SUP fins, as you are being here.

Side fins are Click Box fins that sit out towards the board’s rail (side). Again, the fin’s rake faces backwards. You then slot the fins in the box, push them back (until hearing the click) then tighten the grub screw for additional security.

Please refer to the following McConks knowledge posts for full descriptions of how to fit your inflatable stand up paddle board fins –

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If you want to download a PDF of this article for reference then hit the button below –

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You can find plenty of SUP fin options in the McConks webshop here.

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