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McConks SUP user guide #1: what’s in the box?

McConks SUP – your freedom unlocked!

Welcome to your McConk SUP!

McConks SUP welcome to the world of stand up paddle boarding. If this is your first owned product the world of SUP is diverse and versatile – and then some. With SUP underfoot and paddle in hand you’re poised to take on any stretch of water, anywhere in the world and however you see fit.

With your brand new McConks stand up paddle board the freedom to unlock your world is unparalleled. Adventure is now literally on your doorstep – get ready to embrace the #SUPlife  – your freedom, now unlocked fully!

What you’ll find in the McConks SUP box.

Having purchased your chosen McConks inflatable stand up paddle board package this is what you’ll find in the box following delivery –

Your premium, Dropstitch/PVC McConks inflatable stand up paddle board.

  • x1 high pressure, premium inflatable (manual) SUP pump.
  • x1 McConks SUP coiled leash.
  • x1 McConks adjustable SUP paddle.
  • x1 US Box fin to be fitting in the middle fin box.
  • x2 Clickbox fins to be inserted in both rail positioned fin boxes (additional fins be included as per item spec on the shop page).
  • x1 high quality, durable McConks inflatable SUP board bag.
  • x1 inflatable SUP repair kit.

If anything’s missing from your McConks inflatable stand up paddle board package please get in touch with us ASAP.

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