You are currently viewing McConks SUP community awesomeness pics #7

McConks SUP community awesomeness pics #7

Header image: Lynsey Miles.

The weather’s fine and it’s perfect for a spot of stand up paddle boarding currently. With many kids having gone back to school, and mums/dads back at work, it’s possibly tricky scoring a SUP session during the day. If you can, however, then we’d definitely recommend it. Winter’s just around the corner and with cooler conditions. So make the most while you can. Here’s our latest McConks SUP community awesomeness pics post featuring some recent images from the McConks SUP family. Be sure to check out the group here.

Steve Nelson getting the kids involved.
Chris Jones’ Swedish SUP breakfast.
Phill Jobling on a successful SUP fishing run.
Threes up for the Stuart Williams crew.
Christopher Dyer showing us his McConks SUP ride.
Katie Lloyd and passenger SUP fun.

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