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McConks SUP article round up May, 2020 – what you may have missed.

You can’t fail to have noticed how great the weather was in May, 2020. With lockdown restrictions easing so many people have been out and about and afloat. In fact, there’s been a MASSIVE influx of newbie SUP recruits all vying to get on the water – great! It’s also been busy on the McConks SUP blog, with plenty of new articles being published all with aims of inspiring, educating and stoking that SUP enthusiasm. Here’re a selection of what you may have missed – don’t forget to check back through all McConk’s stand up paddle boarding articles for additional SUP goodness.

Learning to SUP post-lockdown

Although we’re able to head outdoors there’re still a few things to keep in mind, such as social distancing. That said it’s definitely a good time for learning how to stand up paddle – it just may need to be done slightly differently. In this article you’ll find a bunch of tips for how you can safely learn the ways of SUP with post-lockdown rules in place.


Post-lockdown SUP gear checks

Speaking of getting afloat for paddling shenanigans post-lockdown; if you’ve yet to get on the water, but are planning to any time now, then you’ll be needing to give your stand up paddle boarding equipment a once over and quick MOT to make sure all’s in good working order. This post lists a few things to consider before putting in.

SUP’s just SUP – right?

This one looks at how stand up paddle boarding has evolved over the years, to the point where now: SUP’s just SUP – isn’t it? Check out the article to see if you agree.

SUP by Post: explained

Fancying the idea of owning your own McConks inflatable stand up paddle board but not 100% sure? No problem! SUP by Post aims to make heading off on SUP adventures as easy possible. Hit up this post for more info about SUP by Post.

Stand up paddle board jargon

Another one that’s applicable to those of you who’re new to SUP. Actually, even experienced paddlers may learn some new terminology from this post. Check it out.


Staycation 2020 and alternative ways to use your McConbks SUP

We all know that getting away abroad, for holidays and travel trips, will be so much harder in 2020. A lot of people won’t actually be leaving the UK at all, instead focusing on the good old staycation. This is why you need a McConks SUP in your life: to enhance your time next to the water. But wait! An inflatable stand up paddle board isn’t just for paddling. In this article you’ll find some suggestions about alternative uses for your iSUP.

Wingsurfing, windsurfing and windSUP – the ultimate guide

Here at McConks we provide a raft of stand up paddle boarding equipment and associated accessories for wide and varied ranges of use. What you mightn’t know much about (yet) is the McConks Go Free 9’8 crossover windSUP/windsurfing/wingsurfing/wing foiling board and McConks Go Fly 5m wingsurfing/wing foiling wing. We’re in the process of adding to this series but you can find the first two parts here and here. Stay tuned for more about wind related SUP.

National BBQ Week 2020

We love a good barbie here at McConks. And just recently was National BBQ Week 2020. Stand up paddle boards offer a great way to transport your barbie kit for a royal nosh up. And just because National BBQ Week 2020 has ended it doesn’t mean you can’t have plenty more hot coal cooking fun in the coming weeks and months.

SUP hacks, tips and tricks

Helping you get the most out of your stand up paddle boarding is a real focus for McConks. That’s why you’ll discover plenty of SUP hacks, tips and tricks articles which is an ongoing thing.

We’ve talked about how to find the flattest water for paddling, helping taller paddlers achieve the correct SUP paddle length, fitting Click Fin side fins and centre US Box fins. Lastly, you can find out how to fix your manual SUP pump’s pressure gauge in this post.

As we said at the start the above are just a selection of useful, informative and (hopefully) entertaining articles and posts you can find on the McConks blog (otherwise known as the knowledge hub). Let us know if there’s a topic you’d like us to cover.

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