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Outdoor adventure SUP essentials – we can kit you out for summer outdoor paddling fun.

Outdoor adventure SUP essentials are, er, essential. You’ve got your stand up paddle board, paddle, pump, fins and bag yet there are still some things missing. If planning some outdoor adventure paddle boarding this summer there’ll be a few other essentials to tick off. But where to go to get hold of quality outdoor adventure equipment? Have no fear, McConks to the rescue! Our webshop is chock full of everything you need to make SUP adventures even more fun this season.

If you’re still in need of an inflatable stand up paddle board package our outdoor adevnture equipment

then why not peruse our different models here. Any one of these boards can unlock your freedom and deliver maximum fun over the coming months. If you need a hand or advice about boards or paddles then get in touch via the contact page.

Outdoor adventure equipment accessories.

Next up, as per the title of this post, will be those all important SUP adventure accessories. Whether heading off round the next bend, looking for your quiet napping spot, searching for a lunch location or overnighting we’ve got the gear for you. Below you’ll find a selection of McConks products with adventure in mind. Have a nose and let us know if you have any queries.

Fancy a brew or just a gulp of water to quench your thirst? Here’s what you’ll need.

Once you’ve got those all important liquids sorted you’ll need something to drink them from as well as place to swing, recline and just enjoy the view. The following should all help with that.

Carrying your gear whilst paddling, as well as keeping things dry is super important. As such you’ll be needing one of these.

One last bit of kit that shouldn’t be left out of any adventure paddler’s kit box are a decent pair of Polarised sunnies. Sunglasses keep the sun’s glare, reflecting off the water, from shining straight into your eyes. Too much of this can damage your vision. Hence why it’s well worth having a top shelf, floating type, just in case you drop them in the drink! Here’re a few of what McConks offers (for kids as well!).

We appreciate there may be other outdoor adventure equipment essentials you’re looking for. In which case get in touch as we may be able to help you out. As the season starts to ramp up it’s time to get gone and enjoy some outdoor fun. See you on the water or in the wilds!

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