McConks’ stand up paddle boarding bitesize travel guides: Symonds Yat West, Herefordshire.

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Symonds Yat West, Herefordshire.

Spot type:

Non-tidal placid flat water river location.


Flat water. Can be affected considerably by heavy rain as the river swells and becomes more technical for paddlers. We recommend a top water level of 1.2m for novice paddlers children. Also affected by wind speed due to the open nature of the river Wye. We suggest a top wind speed of 12 knots for novice paddlers and children.


River ferries’ operate throughout the summer season. This stretch of the Wye can be heavily populated by swimmers during the summer school holidays. Wildlife such as wildfowl and fish. Floating debris particularly after heavy rain fall. This is a hotspot for salmon fishing, be aware of fishing lines. Always wear a PFD and quick release belt when paddling on the river.


Some stretches along this section of the river Wye are private. You can launch for £2.00 per board at Symonds Yat Leisure Park.

Popularity (1-10):



At Symonds Yat Leisure park you will find a large pay and display car park just a couple of minutes-walk from the river access. It cost £2.00 to launch which is paid at the ice-cream shack. There are public toilets, a café and a children’s amusement arcade on site. You will find Paddleboarding Adventures opposite the ice cream shack where you can hire boards for a half or full day. Or book recreational trips and activities.


This is arguably one of the prettiest stretches of the River Wye. It can get busy during the school summer holidays but outside of these times there are plenty of opportunities to have the water to yourself. This is a fantastic area to enjoy wildlife. Be that spotting kingfisher and otters or watching the brown trout leaping from the water. Conditions can vary, always check wind speed, and water levels before planning your trip. This can be a safe spot for both novice paddlers and children, whilst for the more adventurous the grade 2 rapids a little further down into Symonds Yat can provide a great adventure.

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