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McConks’ stand up paddle boarding bitesize travel guides: Esso Beach (Langstone Harbour oyster beds), Hayling Island, Hampshire.


Esso Beach (Langstone Harbour oyster beds), Hayling Island, Hampshire.

Spot type:

Sheltered harbour, tidal location.


Smooth glassy water at times (sheltered in NE – SE winds), super windy, choppy seas in a blow.


Strong tides, rocks and stones under foot, other water users (windsurfers).


Easy access with a car park (paid) right next to the put in, pollution at times (especially after heavy rain).

Popularity (1-10):



Esso petrol station behind the launch which is a 2 min walk. Free parking. The Hayling Billy track (a now defunct historic railway route), which Esso beach’s car park is part of, offers decent flat land cycling for those inclined.


As with Hayling’s seafront West Beachlands location its primary harbour spot, Esso Beach, is a popular haunt for windsurfers being slightly more sheltered and not have any significant shore break. Esso Beach gets its nickname because of the Esso petrol station located just behind the launch. Low tide dries out with paddling opportunities showing around 2.5hrs before high water. Depending whether spring or neap ties may give an additional half hour window or so for getting afloat. If tides drop and catch you out you may end up with a muddy walk back to the beach. Conditions are Mother Nature dependant but Esso can be nor forgiving than the seafront, although it can still be a rough ride in a blow. It’s a good location for beginners with a shingle spit, lying a few yards off the beach giving additional protection. At either end the coast curves and makes Esso more like a lagoon which can inspire confidence also. Anyone not used to rocky a seabed will need to wear appropriate paddling footwear to protect against cuts and bruises. For anyone fancying a spot of touring SUP it can be a good launch spot, particularly for experienced paddlers used to using tides to aid their journey.

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