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McConks paddle board trade inquiries welcome.

McConks has always had an affinity with businesses and companies. McConks paddle boarding gear can be found in a number of SUP schools, guiding set ups, charities and local authority organisations around the UK. As many of our existing paddle board users will know McConks SUP boards, paddles and accessories are all quality items well manufactured yet not astronomically priced. More sensibly priced we feel. This is perhaps why MCConks SUP gear is so attractive to businesses…

McConks has had a trade section for a while. But it often gets missed, we feel, as on the face of it McConks deals more with consumers. And whilst consumers are certainly our bread and butter we’re open to working with SUP businesses, schools, instructors, charities and so on. You can see some of the centres, instructors and schools we currently work with here.

Get some of the best paddle boarding gear for your centre, school or SUP business with McConks.

At time of writing, we know many SUP businesses (certainly those outside of retail) have wound down their actual physical operations. Post-October half term and SUP does get a little quieter in the UK. That said it’s also the time when centres, schools and hire companies are looking towards next year – in particular spring’s kick off. Now’s the season for choosing what to stock for 2023and having it all sorted ready for when the weather gets warmer again.

As such McConks is open to new paddle board trade inquiries for the new season and beyond. If you’re in the SUP trade and fancy working with McConks then get in touch to see what we can offer you. You can read more about the McConsk SUP trade initiative we have implemented via the link below.

If you have any questions get in touch here.

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