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McConks on the box – paddle boarding in Skye.

McConks on the box (TV)! Well that was a pleasant surprise. We didn’t know this had even been filmed, but it was fantastic to see our paddle boards being used in a BBC programme – BBC2’s Take a Hike.

McConks converts.

And we’re now converted to this programme as well – we’ll be going back and watching all of them for inspirational places to hike.

If you want to paddle in the area around Skye, make sure you check out our partners Scotland SUP co based in Plockton who provided the SUPs for this film.

Paddle board locations.

And if you’re looking for inspirational places to paddle board, make sure you check out our places to paddle map

BBC2 Take a Hike Series 2 Episode 9: Rhona’s walk – Ashaig Beach – Skye Paddle boarding on Skye

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