McConks kid’s SUP shop – all the stand up paddle boarding gear for your offspring!

Being parents who paddle, love outdoor adventures and passing on this enthusiasm to our kids means we understand emphatically what’s needed when you’re talking kiddy and junior paddling equipment. It may sound obvious but what works for adults won’t necessarily do the job for your offspring. And if those wee ones in question are keen to pursue stand up paddle boarding then you’ll need the right gear for the job. Even if they’re not bothered about getting onboard they may still enjoy being at the beach, lake or river. You’ll still need the right kit for your kids to be safe and comfortable jumping in and out of the water.

With the above in mind McConks has a range of technical kiddy SUP equipment as well as casual apparel that parents and children alike will love. If you haven’t come across the McConks kid’s SUP shop before then check it out via the link below. As 2021’s summer of SUP rolls ever faster towards us it’d be a shame to not kit out your offspring with the right gear to enjoy it as much as mum and dad.

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