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McConks’ Go Anywhere 10’6 iSUP to feature in Men’s Health UK magazine!

We’re pretty stoked about this as you can imagine. For anyone in the know our feelings about ‘paid for SUP media reviews – whereby the publication in question asks for advertising support for equipment reviews – is something we feel strongly about. After all, if you’re searching for impartial opinion how can this be the case when you’re being asked for money in return for a test report. It’s hardly going to be unbiased as the publication isn’t going to slate the gear in fear of said advertising bill not being paid and disappearing all together.

Therefore when Men’s Health UK magazine contacted us out of the blue to ask if we’d consider sending them a McConks Go Anywhere 10’6 inflatable stand up paddle board with no commitment needed on our part we obviously jumped at the chance.

We’ll not bang on about the health benefits of SUP and why being featured in such a magazine is great. SUP‘s benefits are widely reported – that’s one of the reasons you all participate. It’ll be interesting to see the actual write up so watch this space. We’ll let you know as soon as we do!

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