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McConks change robes – new in and minus the hefty price tag!

McConks change robes have perhaps been a long time coming. We’ve dabbled in the past, even going so far as to test a bunch of prototypes. There are even a limited number of older McConks change robes being used at present. But this is the first time we’ve gone the whole hog and introduced change robe products properly. So what makes the McConks robe different?

Change robes everywhere.

It’s no secret change robes are everywhere. Most brands dealing with outdoor recreation, adventure gear or watersports will have some form of robe in their product line. Dry Robe themselves have become high street fashion accessories. Replacing all-weather coats, wearers use these as everyday clothing when about town. So much so there are plenty of memes, social media satires and even songs from the likes of Goldie Lookin Chain which generally take the mick (Note; the video below contains expletives).

Change robes, it seems, are a familiar social and cultural item that may stand the test of time and be compared to the likes of the Parka, the Bomber jacket and so on. Only retrospectively will we be able to determine if this is correct.

Back in the watersports and outdoor adventure world.

Change robes – regardless of their trendy appeal – are actually practical and functional (if designed correctly). They’re an essential item for all watersports and outdoor adventure lovers. 

A simple concept: oversize fitting, weatherproofing and warmer inners all allow wearers to quickly heat up post-session, get publicly changed with modesty intact and keep dry in the harshest of weather conditions. As such, change robes are needed whatever the season and whenever you’re headed to the beach, river or lake.

McConks change robes – the difference.

Here at McConks, we’ve always tried to be cost-effective – right across our whole product range. There’s no getting away from the fact that things do cost in this day and age. But as a brand, we try to do our utmost to price our gear fairly. We sometimes do cheap, but not cheap quality.

The new McConks change robes are a case in point. With the trendy ‘scene’ element attached to robes, many similar products come with a hiked cost. We don’t do that. Our robes are much more affordable yet equally as performance-oriented.

Our sustainable and eco-friendly approach intact.

Throughout our existence McConks has always promoted the sustainability and ethical message We’re extremely mindful of the environment and our impact as a brand on it. Always looking for ways to improve our practices and how we produce the new range of McConks dry robes have been created with the same ethos.

McConks change robes #9
McConks prides itself on a sustainable and eco approach.

Made from consumer waste McConks robes are produced from recycled materials that help to reduce rubbish ending up in landfill. Furthermore, these garments are made to withstand abuse thereby keeping their longevity. This also has a positive environmental impact.

It’s all in the details.

Details matter. Especially where products like change robes are concerned. Telling customers a robe is waterproof is one thing (as an example). But adding a rating to highlight just how much is an entirely different approach and one to take note of. 

McConks change robes are rated to a hydrostatic head of 10,000mm. Plus, all seams are sealed internally to stop moisture from seeping in. And the robe is coated with an eco-durable PWR (penetrating waterproofing repellent) coating. McConks robes also have a breathability rating of 3000. That’s a lot of performance for the price tag!

Outdoor adventures in the rain #2
We’ve tried to set our change apart across the whole design.

And there’s more!

Take it from us when we say we’ve really considered the details with McConks change robes. We’ve got to. As we said above there are a lot of other options in a competitive market. So our offerings have to stand out. Both on price point and features.

As such the heavy-duty front zip has been designed with the rigors of watersports and outdoor adventure in mind. And regular sessions at that. Environments like this mean sand, grit, mud and dirt can all clog up lesser-quality zips and cause problems. Ours don’t. It’s also a double zip protected by an outer button-down flap to stop rain and moisture. All other zippers and pulleys have been added with cold fingers in mind. They’re easy to grab onto and use even if your digits are chilly.

McConks change robes #7
Ready for all outdoor adventures with the new McConks change robes.

Anything else?

Yep! As we keep saying we’ve considered all features and details with McConks change robes.

  • Hoods are colour-coded and drawstring-enabled. This halts rain and gives greater comfort when the weather’s grotty.
  • Adjustable wristbands can be tightened to prevent wind ventilation and wet getting inside.
  • Internal and external hanging loops top make storing simple.
  • All embroidery is taped from the inside to prevent water ingress at a potential weak spot.

Summing up.

As you can see, the new McConks change robes offer maximum bang for buck. We’re incredibly proud to offer these products. And we’re sure you’ll enjoy using yours.

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