You are currently viewing McConks’ bitesize international SUP travel guides: Javea (Xabia), Costa Blanca, Spain.

McConks’ bitesize international SUP travel guides: Javea (Xabia), Costa Blanca, Spain.


Javea (Xabia), Costa Blanca, Spain.

Spot type:

Open water, Mediterranean location with swell activity during certain weather conditions.


Costa Blanca’s Javea can be split into three distinct locations for SUP. The main Arenal Beach is the resort’s tourist hub. There’s also a thriving SUP racing scene here. The local SUP club organising events regularly. On its day the Arenal can also chuck up a fun wave. So much so that local surfers come out of hiding to do battle. Javea’s open coastal location actually does pretty well in terms of picking up Mediterranean storm waves. So much so that there’s a large fraternity of surfers and SUP surfers who live in the area.

Head out of the bay along the pebbly coastline towards the port and the waters here are generally deep and choppy. Occasionally a reef shelf pops up where you can, on the right day, find waves breaking.

Fine looking waves in Javea’s port area.

Into the port and a number of wave set ups exist here that mainly start working in winter. Often though its flat with these put ins delivering quieter venues for SUP than the busier Arenal.


Storms can be a factor in Javea – even in high season. It’s not uncommon to have an August storm swing in, bringing strong winds, rain and large swell. Javea has had its fair share of storms through the years. The most significant of late being Storm Gloria which caused havoc in January 2020. Rocks and reef in places, with sea urchins, need to be avoided. Boat traffic and other water users should also be steered clear of. Especially around Javea’s port.


Access to all of Javea’s SUP spots is easy enough. Just be aware that summer sees large volumes of traffic with parking becoming increasingly difficult through the day. And parking wardens aren’t that lenient!

Popularity (1-10):

Javea’s Arenal is very busy in summer, but in winter goes pretty quiet. Other locations can see fairly large numbers of visitors but not quiet to the same levels. It’s always best to get to a venue as early as possible during high season though.

Javea’s imposing Montgo overlooking the main Arenal beach.


Javea is a tourist resort that’s become increasingly popular over the years. As such there’s everything you’d expect from various accommodation types, bars, restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, shops and so on. In July and August, this part of Costa Blanca is bustling and buzzing. There are also a few surf shops in town catering for stand up paddlers.


Costa Blanca’s Javea used to be an under the radar location. In recent years it’s gained popularity and now receives large numbers of holidaymakers each summer. The Arenal beach area is a buzzing focal point with all manner of restaurants, bars, cafes, nightclubs and shops lining the promenade. In the summer evenings there is a local market with stall owners setting up shop along the entire length of the Arenal.

Out on the water and the horseshoe shaped bay can serve up idyllic flat water recreational paddling. Being flanked both sides by moderately high cliffs and a concrete pier to the left you’d think this was a pretty sheltered location. Yet with swell in attendance, the Arenal sees small to moderate waves unload on the sand. At some points, the surf can be of size. When this happens there’ll be plenty of wave riders buzzing about ready to tackle some liquid walls. The local SUP scene has grown considerably in recent years and there’s plenty of paddle stoke bubbling away.

Start your engines! Race ready during a local paddling event at Javea’s Arenal.

Round the corner, back towards the port area, a number of touring SUP options exist. And as you get closer to the port itself a handful of reef set ups sit waiting for that next pulse of swell. These are surprisingly consistent and keep the experienced wave heads of the area amused during the off season. Overlooked by the iconic Montgo Mountain that looms up above Javea it’s a location with some stunning views – either from the water or land.

For anyone with an adventurous spirit more reef wave spots can be discovered along the coast north and south. Whilst touring paddlers have an abundance of routes to choose from depending on the day. And for even more options head over the Montgo’s top to neighboring Denia where SUP is just as popular. Along with other watersports like windsurfing, kiting and now wing foiling.

Pics courtesy: Club de Surf Javea.

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