You are currently viewing McConks awesomeness SUP pics – post Easter (ish) 2022 edition.

McConks awesomeness SUP pics – post Easter (ish) 2022 edition.

At time of writing (Tues May 3, 2022) many will be back at work and school following the Easter ’22 break and May Bank Holiday. Whilst Easter signals the start of SUP season it’s actually May when a large portion of paddlers (and watersports enthusiasts) head out. The air temps are up and water heat’s following close behind. It won’t be long until air and water readings come in line.

This all said there’s still been plenty of awesome stand up paddle boarding going on. If you follow both McConks’ Facebook and Instagram feed you’ll see this in abundance. Likewise with anyone who paddles McConks SUP gear. And don’t forget to check out the McConks SUP community group on FB where we’ve nicked the following images from. Credits given, of course.

Steve Nelson.
Chris Jones.
Chris Hogg.
Barry Davies.
Duncan Lidell.

We’re sure there’ll be plenty more SUP shenanigans to come during the following months and weeks. Stay tuned for further awesomeness posts featuring these adventures soon. Big up everyone getting out there. And don’t forget to check the McConks blog to see more posts like this.

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