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McConks awesomeness SUP pics – autumn 2022 edition.

Autumn’s been a real mix as far as weather goes. Some parts of the country have done much better than expected on a day to day basis. Forecasted conditions haven’t always materialised, instead, there being periods of great (warm, sunny) SUP weather on offer. This means there’s been plenty of opportunity to get out and SUP.

And SUP you have! Plenty of autumn paddling’s been going down – which is lovely to see. As we very much believe autumn (and winter) are some of the best paddling seasons. Here at McConks HQ we paddle board all year round. Of course, there are times when it’s not conducive. But windows open and we’re out there! You too by the looks of it…

With that in mind here’s our latest installment of the McConks awesomeness SUP pics series. This time around the autumn 2022 edition. Thanks as always to everyone who’s posted their SUP shenanigans in the McConks SUP community Facebook group. If you want to keep in the loop then we highly recommend joining it. In the meantime big up Chris Jones, Dennis Briggs, SUP2SUmmit, Mid Cheshire SUP, Rapid Skills, Steve Nelson, Anna Geyer, Andrew Sansum and Black Grouse Outdoors whose pics you can see below. Stay tuned for more…

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