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McConks awesomeness SUP pics – Al Storer whitewater SUP edition.

The whitewater river SUP and McConks connection is strong. We’ve had lots of whitewater SUP river paddlers give us their input over the years. So much so that a bunch of MCconks paddle boards are optimised for this very thing. Of course, that’s with additional versatility included as we don’t want to pigeon hole too much.

McConks’ Go X Wild 11′ is as much a whitewater river SUP board as it is touring and adventure paddle board. You can certainly take it to any waterway and enjoy some float time. But should any rider fancy a bash at some WW the Go X Wild is optimised for your enjoyment. As Al Storer shows us in the accompanying pics. (Which are awesome by the way!).

Snapped by Andrew Sansum at Hurley we think the pics look great and showcase a side of stand up paddle boarding that still goes under the radar for many. If you have a solid set of paddling skills then whitewater river SUP is plenty doable. Especially if you join a bunch of other likeminded and experienced riders. For now, enjoy the pics then check out the full Go X Wild product listing below that. If anyone wants to talk whitewater SUP or has equipment questions get in touch.

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