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McConks awesome SUP pics – Dan Stolworthy edition.

Did you know that McConks has a public Google pics folder that any paddler of McConks paddle boards can upload their images to? We’ve shared this a few times but we appreciate that sometimes info gets lost or forgotten. One rider in questions – Dan Stolworthy – is very aware the folder exists.

Recently we got a notification that a whole batch of photos had been uploaded. We were pleasantly surprised to find a selection of shots from Dan. And great shots they are too! Normally we sift through the McConks SUP community group and Insta feeds for suitable images to accompany McConks awesome SUP pics posts. This time we felt we should do a specific article featuring Dan’s batch.

Of course, if you fancy adding your own then feel free to do so via this link. Or alternatively head over to the McConks Facebook SUP community group and add them here. For now though, check out Dan’s awesome SUP pics below. Big thanks Dan! Do keep us in the loop with your further McConks paddle boarding exploits. And the same goes for everyone else!

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