McConks awesome SUP partner salute #5 Fenwick Ridley.

One of our favourite wild swimming, paddle boarding and outdoor adventure chaps Fenwick Ridley is next up in our McConks awesome SUP partner series. Not only is Fenwick an avid wild swimmer – utilising spots around his Northumberland home – he’s a super keen bean paddle boarder who puts his skills to good use. Helping raise money for charity FR is often out and about doing good work and getting others motivated to join him for dips and splashes.

Running his H2OTrails business Fenwick passes on essential wild swimming knowledge to those who fancy following in his footsteps. And when not swimming or focusing on challenges his trusty McConks SUP is put to good use. Using his paddle board for clearing rubbish and debris from his local river Fenwick is always ready to help make a difference. And that’s why he gets a well deserved Mcconks awesome SUP partner salute!

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