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Making SUP your lifestyle – progression for life.

You may have found stand up paddle boarding for the first time this year – in which case, welcome along! Alternatively, it could be you’ve been dabbling for a while, albeit sticking with the basics and what you know. SUP, however, is a diverse beast with plenty of pathways to follow. Its versatility is renowned which is one of the reasons it holds so much attraction.

It hardly needs pointing out but stand up paddle boarding can be taken in so many directions, which is its beauty. Floating about, mere yards from the shore, is one thing (and shouldn’t be sniffed at) but there’s a big wide world out there and stand up‘s one of the best tools for making good use of all these watery scenarios you come across.

But what’s lifestyle? More specifically what’s SUP lifestyle?

We’ve seen it often in 2020: new recruits purchasing their first set ups and having a bit of fun in the sun. Perfect! On from that, however, is arming yourself with the knowledge of what else stand up paddle can deliver. Then it’s a case of doing the thing – whatever ‘the thing’ may be.

From there the addiction sets in. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what that catalyst looks like. It could your first wave ride. Possibly you enjoy that initial night out in the wilds, camping under the stars having navigated your SUP round that far off bend. Perhaps it’s none of these and is simply about standing on water. That being its own unique trait that serves, none the less, to suck you in.

Moving forwards you begin engineering yours (and your family’s if you have one) life to allow paddling time whenever the window of opportunity opens. Forecast data’s perused, checked and analysed; kit set up for the impending adventure; chatter is filled with talk of boards and paddles, and your media consumption very much reflects your SUP habit. There’s nothing wrong with any of this either…

Stand up paddle boarding can be a life long dedication. Practising the art at any opportunity means you’re most likely ‘into it’ enough to call it your lifestyle. Cheesy surfisms aside if SUP‘s become all consuming then embrace it further. After all, what’s not to like? Free enjoyment of the outdoors whilst partaking in (fun) physical activity. Time to get involved and make it your lifestyle too if you haven’t done already…

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