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Long range SUP weather update (April 12, 2022).

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It’s that time again, where we talk about the weather and how predicted general conditions may affect our SUP plans over the coming weeks. If you’re new to stand up paddle boarding, or progressing, then it’s key to scoring awesome and safe SUP sessions. If you have no understanding of weather – bar if you’ll need a brolly or not – then it’s worth learning. Not to patronise but the weather’s elements (wind for instance) can really affect your paddling activities massively. It’s not just about how sunny conditions will be. Although that plays its part! There are plenty of weather related posts on the McConks website if you have a scan. But back to this period…

Our last update, to be honest, was a little vague. Mainly because of the Met Office’s low confidence in what was most likely. To reiterate; long range weather predictions are only really a guide. There’s no guarantee any type of weather will occur more than three days out. And even then it’s still subject to change. This all said long range weather signals can be worthwhile looking at. They’ll give some indication so loose can be made. Just have a backup if Momma Nature decides to switch things around!

So what’re things generally looking like? Well, it seems the Met Office is predicting a north/south split across the UK. This perhaps means more changeable in the north of the country whereas the south will see more settled weather. The good news as we progress into the latter half of the period more settled weather – born of high pressure – should set in. There still may be bouts of wind/rain in the north/NW. But hopefully, it’ll become even more summery (and therefore good for SUP in all spots) everywhere.

The type of SUP weather we’re all looking for.

You can read the full Met Office long range weather update below –

Saturday 16 Apr – Monday 25 Apr

This period is likely to begin cloudy in the northwest, with isolated light rain. Elsewhere fine conditions are expected after early mist and fog clears, with light winds, though low cloud may linger along some coasts where temperatures may also be suppressed. Some showers are possible in the southeast. For the rest of the period, a northwest-southeast split is likely, with the northwest remaining more changeable with strong winds and rain at times. The southeast is likely to be dry and generally more settled, though perhaps rather cloudy, with mist and fog likely in the mornings and lighter winds through to the end of this period. Temperatures are expected to be above average, and warm at times for the south.

Tuesday 26 Apr – Tuesday 10 May

Towards the end of April high pressure is likely to become dominant, with longer spells of dry and settled weather possible, especially in the south. Temperatures are anticipated to stay above average during this period, though overnight frosts are still possible. Any unsettled spells most likely to be in the north and northwest.

Don’t forget to check the McConks blog for more weather related articles and knowledge posts here.

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