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Long range SUP weather Saturday 25 Jun – Tuesday 19 Jul.

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Yep, we’re back again with another long range SUP weather update to see how it’s potentially looking over the coming weeks for a spot of fair weather paddling. Obviously, you can SUP whenever but we know a lot of riders like tghose fair weather sessions. Hence these posts to potentially alert you to any such conditions.

We must admit at this stage it’s looking pretty mixed with no clear signal for any type of weather, really. Rain at times in some areas. Breeze at others. With thermometer readings up and down depending on the day and week. It should be noted that just before the most recent warm spell swung in there was no clear signal either. It just sort of appeared. So in theory that could still happen.

The most positive prediction is high pressure should build, bringing more settled conditions, for the start of July. Following that, and further into July it’ll be mainly fine and dry with the end of the period possibly going above average in terms of warmth.

What we all want. And what we’ll likely get at times no doubt.

Our take is that there’ll be windows of decent SUP weather in most areas. You just may have to look a little harder and plan your sessions more loosely (if you can). Sheltered water can always be found though. So keep those eyes peeled and stay tuned to your local forecast for a more detailed day by day outlook. Full Met Office long range weather forecast below.

Saturday 25 Jun – Monday 4 Jul

A generally unsettled start to the period as a band of potentially heavy rain continues to move east across the UK on Saturday. This is followed by sunny spells and showers, some heavy and possibly thundery. Sunny spells and showers, the latter being most frequent in the north, continue to dominate into the start of next week. It may be rather windy at times, especially in the north and west. Near normal or rather cool temperatures are expected. Further into the period, showers are likely to continue, being most prevalent initially in the north and west, and later in the north and east. Southern parts will probably see more in the way of dry weather. Conditions look to become more settled by the start of July as high pressure builds.

Tuesday 5 Jul – Tuesday 19 Jul

Mostly dry and fine, though occasional periods of rain and showers remain possible, particularly in the northwest and in the south, which could become thundery at times. Temperatures close to or below normal at first before turning widely above average later in the period.

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