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Long range SUP weather predictions Sept 8, 2022.

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It’s safe to say the beginning of autumn 2022 has been a damp squib. For most, there’s been lots of rain, thunderstorms and wind. For paddlers able to get on it windows of opportunity have opened but we’ll admit it’s been tricky. Looking towards the weekend and into next week things seem to calm a little (broadly).

White water river SUP.

White water river paddlers will have been enjoying the current weather. Rain delivers flow in rivers and that makes for fun WW running for those with skills. It can be tricky for recreational inland paddlers, however, who want to put in at their local. Flow can be an unseen hazard for those not aware. Although there are plenty of inland waterways without gushing water.

Autumn is certainly a good time to be a white water river rat and that trend looks set to continue today and tomorrow.

WW river paddle boarding is game on during autumn.

SUP surfing.

Swell has been pulsing into UK beaches after a summer hiatus. SW coasts have done well, as have southern locations from what we hear. But the surf’s been accompanied by breeze which puts the kybosh on many SUP surfing sessions. There’s more blowy weather today and into tomorrow before a lot of coastal locations see a tail off with the wind. This will also coincide with an even stronger pulse of waves for the weekend.

And on that note anyone fancying some wave action will possibly score. Depending on your experience will dictate where you ultimately plump for. Exposed SW beaches in Cornwall, Devon and Wales will get the biggest waves. Combined with E winds the surf should be clean. But it’ll be solid and not for those without the necessary skills. If you’re in those locations seeking beaches with shelter might be the best option.

The south coast looks set to get some juice and could be the best option for many. Although, again, picking your put in accordingly will be the best course of action.

If you like waves the coming weekend might be one to aim for.

General weather outlook.

Moving forwards and in the short term the UK’s general weather picture is mixed. It won’t be cold but there’ll be further chance of rain with some breeze at times. It doesn’t look as though this will be as prolonged with breaks in the weather to make use of.

Looking even further into September and towards the end of the month there’re signals for Mother Nature to calm her mood in the south and east a little more. Low pressure will possibly sit to the north giving a UK two way split. Upcountry will most likely see unsettled conditions whilst heading towards southern counties you’ll find less wind, rain and cloud.

Here’s what the Met Office say –

Thursday 22 Sep – Thursday 6 Oct

The most probable setup for this period is low pressure to the north of the UK with higher pressure to the south. Rain or showers are likely at times, mostly in the west and northwest, meanwhile southern and eastern areas are likely to be drier with a chance of mist or fog patches becoming more common overnight. Temperatures likely to be warm for many.

Full long range weather forecast here.

So grab it when you can if you can – depending what type of paddle boarding you’re after. Consider which location might be best based on your SUP preferences and get amongst it.

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