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Long range SUP weather predictions – Nov 24, 2022 onwards.

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For most autumn 2022 has been a damp and blowy one — more so in recent weeks. We know there are plenty who’ve been getting amongst it none the less. And there has been respite with some windows of fair weather SUP opportunities. But we’ll admit it has been tricky. So are things about to change and the UK be served a bout of calmer, more paddle board friendly conditions?

The answer to that question isn’t so straightforward. UK weather at the best of times is volatile and changeable. With seasonality in mind even more so. Still, looking at what the Met Office and other associated weather outlets are suggesting we may be on for calmer conditions at least.

As it stands (today) there’s plenty of breeze and rain on the cards for all areas. Some will do better than others. As we always caveat these updates and interpretations are broad. Later today (Nov 24, 2022) will see stronger gusts and yet more wet weather. But tomorrow is suggested to be a different story. The following from the Met Office five day forecast –


Many parts dry with sunny spells, although showers are likely in the west and north, some heavy at first. Windy in the north.

But then it’s back to what we’ve become accustomed to.

Outlook for Saturday to Monday:

Fine start Saturday, before rain, already affecting western areas, spreads erratically east, accompanied by strong winds. Sunshine and showers follow later Sunday, and into Monday. Very mild at first.

On from the weekend and it there may be some good news. Again, to reiterate, this won’t be for every area but some locations could be served some ok SUP weather.

Monday 28 Nov – Wednesday 7 Dec

Monday is likely to bring a mixture of sunny spells and showers, with the heaviest and most frequent to the north and west, where accompanied by strong winds. This theme is likely to continue through the remainder of the week, with western areas remaining generally unsettled with rain and stronger winds more likely. In the south and east, however, there is a chance that high pressure may become more influential, leading to drier weather with temperatures expected to remain close to, if not slightly above average for this time of year, but with greater scope for overnight frost. The remainder of the period remains uncertain, however there is potential for some more widespread settled conditions.

Further ahead, and on the run up to Christmas, there’s less confidence in what may pan out. It’s too far in the future to accurately predict scenarios. That said, if you read between the lines there’s a slim chance we may get a suitably festive SUP period to make use of. Of course, it’s a busy time of year for most so windows of paddling opportunity may clash with social and family gatherings. Our advice is to keep your eyes on the forecast and if you can get out then do so.

Fingers crossed for some decent SUP weather in the coming weeks!

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