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Kiddy summer windsurfing with the McConks Go Sail XS (video).

Kiddy summer windsurfing is one thing your offspring can get involved when school’s out. School’s out, sun’s out and there’s a whole raft of reasons to get your offspring afloat – by whatever means. Paddle boards are cracking and easily accessible. But so are other disciplines. You’d be surprised.

Kiddy summer windsurfing.

You mightn’t be a windy type yourself but with the McConks Go Sail inflatable windsurf sail it couldn’t be easier or more intuitive to get your kids sailing round (or even mums and dads for that matter).

The inflatable nature of the Go Sail makes it easy to (literally) get to grips with. No heavy lifting out of the water. and once up its handle holds optimise how to hang on. Then it’s just a case of riding on the gust – kiddy summer windsurfing done right.

Kiddy summery windsufing
Kiddy summery windsurfing – a great activity for school holidays.

Keep safety in mind.

From a parental point of view add a floating rope to the board so you can haul your offspring back should they drift off downwind. Which is highly likely. But as long as they stay with their kit then no dramas.

All in the McConks Go Sail is a nifty product that’ll add another dimension to yours or your offspring’s kiddy summer windsurfing summery fun. Find out more about the McConks Go Sail range here.

Also, don’t forget to check out the McConks guide to windsurfing here.

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