Keep your distance, even with animals – kayaker/humpback whale close call.

It doesn’t matter who you are or how invincible you consider yourself to be. At some point Mother Nature will prove just how insignificant (and vulnerable) the human species really is. And we’re not talking COVID for change. In this instance we’re talking large marine mammals most commonly known as humpback whales.

Humpbacks are mostly calm and gentle giants but in this video it appears one decides he’s had enough of a bunch of kayakers invading his/her territory. And so, the whale sticks it to one paddler who must’ve got a right fright. In actual fact, from the news story, it seems a large shoal of fish appeared which the whale decided to go after. Unfortunately, the kayaker happened to be in the way. So it was just an accident. While everyone came away unscathed but it shows you should never underestimate wildlife – particularly hungry whales!

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