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Is that it? Is 2020’s summer of SUP done? Don’t be daft! Autumn can be a great time of year for paddling.

Looking out the window, with the rain beating down and wind howling, you’d be forgiven for thinking that’s it, all over, done and dusted; Summer of SUP 2020 has gone. But not so fast! It’s still only August and whilst there’s certainly a bit of grotty weather about currently there’s also every likelihood that it’ll pass and we’ll get a decent end of season – an Indian Summer if you will.

Of course, we’re generalising here. And one stand up paddler‘s idyllic is another’s not so great depending where you’re based in the UK. That said, early autumn can often see decent temperatures – possibly more bearable for some than the recent Med like mercury levels – with waters still very much warm. It’s actually this time of year when seas in particular are at their balmiest. Rivers, lakes and canals are pretty good as well.

Also, anyone looking for ‘conditions’, such as better waves for SUP surfing, will find now’s the time. You’re more likely to score proper waves, with offshore winds, in autumn. We’ve talked about sea breezes in the past. The tail end of the year sees less and less of these due to how warm the ocean is, hence why you’re more likely to score glassy SUP sessions.

One fly in the ointment is less daylight. We’re definitely edging towards longer nights. But days will still be the go – right up until end of October for many (unless you’re truly fair weather). And don’t forget: kids will be back at school shortly (COVID allowing) which means potentially additional free time for parents if they can swing it with work.

So now’s not the time to be hanging up your paddle. There’s plenty of SUP time to be wrung from 2020. And even when the depths of winter set in if you pick and choose your times then, as with autumn, you can bag some great sessions.

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