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Introducing Gloucestershire Bundles

Introducing Gloucestershire Bundles, our charity of choice for our Winter SUPtacular happening soon.

We have supported them periodically as a family for several years, and when we were looking for a charity for McConks to support, they seemed the perfect choice.

Gloucestershire Bundles is a charity that provides emergency supplies including toiletries, clothing and equipment to both pregnant women and families. They support people who find themselves in crisis situations, for example refugees, victims of domestic abuse and homeless families.

We love that they are relatable by being local and helping families, and also that they help such a wide range of people.
Gloucestershire Bundles hold regular donation events, sometimes for good quality second-hand items (this is a great way to declutter and know that you’re supporting a worthwhile cause), and other times for items on their wishlist. It’s also possible to donate money or buy from their wishlist via their website.

They work by referral only, so if you or someone you know needs emergency support in the Gloucestershire area, please get in touch with your Midwife, Health Visitor, Social Worker, Children’s Centre or other Professional to make an online referral via our website.
For more information, please visit

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