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The best stand up paddleboards of 2021

SUP review sites

There are lots of sites that will tell you what the best SUP is, or who the best manufacturer is. Almost every single one of them is taking a cut of sales, and only recommends those boards that generate them money. In fact, the only truly independent reviews we have seen are those in Stand Up Paddle Mag UK . If you want to find out more about reviews that are paid for, then read this illuminating article.

Can you trust rider surveys?

So if you can’t rely on paid reviews, what can you rely on? The best reviews are those of independent professionals and riders. But even those can’t be entirely trusted because they may be ambassadors, or get really sweet deals from a particular brand.

But what about if you ask 1200 riders and pros? That’s what SUPHubUK did a year or so ago. Surveys were completed from absolute beginners to instructors who have been SUPing since the first SUPs were imported into the UK.

Survey results

And what did the survey conclude?

Well, based on the settled opinion over over 1200 paddlers, McConks were:

The infographics below shows the full results. The first pits McConks up against the big watersports brands with massive sponsorship budgets and distribution networks, and the second against the smaller, mostly direct to customer only brands.

Copy: Radial Chart
Radial Chart