McConks SUP. Direct from the manufacture

One stop shop

We like to deal with our customers directly. By avoiding the traditional sales routes, we can bring you well designed quality kit at an unbeatable price.

We are confident that no other brand offers our product quality and customer service at the same price.

There may be other brands who are selling at the same price. But delve deeply into their catalogue and you will see their kit is off the shelf generic product from AN Other factory in China, rebranded with a different shade of yellow, or a different pattern on the deckpad. They’re easy to spot, because they all have the same cheap fins, and the same cheap and heavy aluminium paddles.

And there may be other brands who sell product at the same quality. But because they are big brands, focussing on their top shelf and bottom line, their prices are much higher.  We genuinely believe that our products are a unique combination of price and quality. And the great reviews we have received in our first 12 months confirms that our customers and paddlesports instructors agree.

Why buy direct?

Brand guarantee. Purchasing from us means that you get your guarantee direct from us. And our no quibble return policy.

We know our products. We know every last thing about our products. So we can answer your every question, no matter how big or small.

No salesmen. We will sell you the best product for your needs. Not the one at the highest margin for the retailer.  We can guarantee that anyone recommending our kit to you will not be making a penny out of the sale.

Customer service. Purchasing direct from us means that you receive the same service if you’re a club, a school or an individual. We are proud of all of our kit, and give the same great service for every item we sell.