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SUP wear | sustainable by design

Our SUP wear and casual clothing is made from the very highest quality materials. We’ve searched high and low to find products that meet our very highest ethical and sustainable standards. All of our casual wear is made only from the most sustainable materials:

Thankfully, gone are the days when using recycled materials meant an itchy, poorly shaped sackcloth. All of our hoodies and t-shirts are soft and designed for a comfort fit, and will keep their shape for hundreds of washes.

When we designed our new range, we wanted clothing that was more than just a logo on tee or hoodie, a design that reflected the fun of SUPlife and the sense of humour of our SUP customers. Something that was both a little childish, and a little bit serious. 

And when we asked our customers what they wanted, bright colours featured strongly as well as humour. But we’ve also kept a few more subtle designs for those of you who want to stand out a little less!

We’ve tried really hard to have a range of different colours and designs, and to avoid the trap of pretty pastel colours for girls and heavy colours for men. That’s not to say that you can’t be pretty in pink, just that we’ve made pink available for men, ladies and kids. Equality for all!

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