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Don’t be like Bob.   He only ordered his paddleboard in at the start of summer.   He ordered it at full price from a premium brand, and he spent most of the summer waiting for his SUP to arrive. And by the time it arrived, it started raining. 

Preorder inflatable SUP
Poor Bob
preorder inflatable paddleboards
Happy Jo

Be like Jo.  Order when the price is cheap, order it from McConks, and order when you can be guaranteed it will arrive before Spring and Sprung!

Why do we make our kit available at preorder prices? 

As a small company, our biggest costs are R&D, the raw cost of the goods, and the costs of borrowing enough money to buy enough kit, also called the cost of capital.   We can reduce the cost of capital by asking you to pay upfront, and using that to purchase the raw materials – which means we can give you a better deal.

We will deliver before Easter before the weather warms up. And we guarantee this – if you preorder in Autumn, your order should will by Easter 2021 at the very latest.

Spread the pain

Our preorder deals are eligible for PayPal Credit, which means interest free credit for four months. So if you qualify for PayPal Credit, you can spread the cost and pay back in staged payments.

If you don’t qualify for PayPal credit, or need to pay back over more than four months, then message us, and we can set you up a bespoke preorder payment plan. We don’t want lack of cash to keep people from paddling if there’s any way we can help.

Being the best

We spend a lot of time designing the best quality, guilt free kit at the best prices. Our suppliers are all vetted and have the highest ethical and environmental creds. And that means that our kit is in high demand when it arrives.  Beat the rush, avoid the wait, and save money by preordering now!

Don’t believe those who say that all inflatable SUP are the same, or that every manufacturer uses the same materials.  There are vast differences in the quality of materials, and in the quality assurance of those boards.   Our boards are on the production table for over 72 hours,  and then they’re pressure tested for another 72 hours.  If you’re buying a board that costs less than ours, then either the production time is quicker (some take less than 6 hours), the materials are worse quality, or the quality assurance is worse.  Or sometimes all three 🙁

Check out our ethical and environmental credentials if you don’t believe us!

Rugged, functional and versatile

These are words often used to describe our inflatable SUP boards and paddles by those very people we draw inspiration from. It’s the ethos that underpins our whole line up, and it probably explains why we’re so popular with outdoor activities providers. From the Princes Trust to Air Cadets, from Scout Groups to School Outdoor Ed Centres, from independent instructors to MOD trainers, our fusion technology boards have been tried and tested in challenging environments for three years now. And still look and perform as well as they did on day one.

If you run a club, school or a not for profit outfit, check out our GoInspire initiative

180l paddleboard bag

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

If there’s a product on our shop that’s not available for preorder, that’s just because we haven’t had time to make preorder product pages for all of our kit.  So if you can’t find what you’re looking for, fust ask – email us on and we should be able to add the product you’re looking for.

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  1. katy

    Hi there, will the kids board be Available for pre-order too please? Were looking at a 10′ 6 but were just waiting to see if the kids one came onas well ?

    1. andy mcconkey

      Hi Katy. We’re running existing stock down before we open the preorder for that product, and we have some of the kids boards left in stock.
      To be honest, even when we do, the price will not change much. We make next to no margin on the kids boards anyway!

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