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Why buy from McConks?

Whether you are a beginner wanting the best value, or whether you’re a seasoned pro wanting to upgrade to the best new expedition inflatable board of 2024, then McConks have got the right board for you.

You might not have heard of McConks, but we’ve been making paddleboards since 2015, and in 2021, we were voted the best paddleboard brand in a massive one off massive survey of over 2,500 paddleboarders (1).

Evidence and trust matters to us, and because that survey has never been repeated, we no longer claim to have been voted the best paddleboard brand anymore. But still…

We know that we still make the best inflatable paddleboards at the best price in 2024. And there are no end of coaches and guides who will tell you that there really is no-one out there who can match McConks paddleboards in terms of value or values. We don’t claim to the be cheapest, but we truly are the best value in terms of the balance of price, quality and performance. We only use the absolute very best X woven drop stitch material, meaning that our boards are as stiff and as light as anything on the market. And always stiffer and lighter than anything in the same price bracket. And often stiffer and lighter than many of the rather overpriced brands. We only use the very best fictures and fittings – for example our handles are triple adhered, meaning each one can withstand a force of 75kg, and our D-Rings are marine grade stainless steel. And one instructor recently said that our bags are absolutely top class, and no other brand comes close to the quality or design features. Simply put, we don’t think you will find a better inflatable paddleboard package at the same price.

We don’t spend much on marketing – we spend all of our profit refining and making the absolute best quality and most sustainable product we can at the most affordable price. Which is probably why you’ve not heard of us. Of course, we know our prices are out of the range of some of – and that’s fine. We’ll be waiting when the time is right for you.

But, enough, here’s our paddleboard selection guide. If this doesn’t nail your SUP upgrade choice for you, please email us on for personal paddleboard buying advice.

Upgrade your life with our 2 minute paddleboard buying guide


And, if you want to know how we know why our paddleboards are the absolute best quality paddleboards in 2024, the best for adventure paddling, the best for beginnner paddleboarders in 2024, and the 100% absolute best for expeditions, ask us to explain why! Its much easier to reply directly than writing dubious marketing BS!



Paddleboard survey results

    • McConks were voted number one for overall paddleboard package value (Fatstick were second)

    • McConks were voted number one for inflatable SUP rigidity and stiffness (Loco were second)

    • McConks were voted number one for quality of paddleboard accessories (Quroc were second)

    • McConks were voted number one for overall paddleboard build quality (Red Paddle Co were second)

    • McConks were voted number one for inflatable paddleboard Longevity/durability (Quroc were second)

    • McConks were voted number two paddleboard brand for customer happiness (shout out to another UK family brand Fatstick) who were number one

    • McConks were voted number one overall paddleboard brand (Fatstick were second)