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Focus on HD polarised lenses

HD polarised lenses
The right protection for watersports

McConks lenses are HD polarised which makes them different from standard, cheap sunglass lenses. They have a special film fused between the multiple layers of the lens, which only allows vertical light to pass through them. This film eliminates the glare caused by horizontal light reflected off snow and water.

Our lenses are made from Triacetate Cellulose (TAC). TAC is a common lens material used on medium to high end shades, where accurate polarity, impact resistance and clarity are important. Our TAC lenses are made up from multi-layered lens technology formulated to provide complete and thorough elimination of glare, polarised light and harmful UV rays. They provide 100% protection against UVA, UVB & UVC rays up to 400 nanometres, and go beyond the already high standards set by national standards set by the UK, EU, America (ANSI) and Australia and New Zealand. So rest assured, wherever you go in the world, and no matter what the UV conditions, our lenses go beyond the necessary.

TAC lenses are made up of 7 layers. First is the polarising film which forms the central material around which the lens is formed. The second and third layers fuse the polarising film to the outer UV absorbance layers. An additional shock and scratch proof layer is then fused to either side. Glare is further reduced by applying a mirrored reflective layer to the outer face of the lens, and an anti reflection layer applied to the inner face. By building the lens sequentially, with each layer having a very distinct function, ensures that every pair of lenses has identical performance with balanced polarity and standardised UV protection.

The multiple layer build up also provides excellent impact resistance.

Just like HD resin or HD polycarbonate lenses, TAC lenses are only as good as the manufacturer. Injection moulded resin can be warped by a cheap manufacturer, and TAC lenses can suffer from HD clarity if produced with poor quality control. Ultimately, a poor manufacturer produces poor lense with poor clarity and poor polarisation. That’s why we only use the very best!

HD clarity sunglasses

Sunglasses for watersports

Glasses designed for watersports use should have two additional requirements to normal sports shades:

  1. They should float. The lightness of the TAC lenses, and the low density of the wood, means that our sustainable Bamboo or wood shades all float for at least 15 minutes.
  2. Blue wavelength protection. When you’re on water, you spend a lot of time in reflected light bouncing back at you at different wavelengths that can damage or tire your eyes. Blue wavelength protection isn’t something that’s required in the international standards (ISO, ANSI , CE), and so is not provided by by lens manufacturers. But it comes as standard with all of our lenses.

Indestructible flexible lenses

Floating shades

We’re so confident that this is the best lens technology at this price, that we offer a 28 day money back guarantee if you can find a pair of similar shades at a similar price that have better clarity or polarity!

High definition, superb clarity, best in class polarisation, and light enough to float. What’s not to like? Especially when you couple the lenses with hand crafted wooden frames.

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