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Elevated glide is one of SUP’s most engaging aspects.

As this article on SUPHub UK states: elevated glide is why stand up paddle boarding holds so much attention. Standing atop a stand up paddle board, firstly, give riders such a unique periphery. Unlike kayaking, for instance, you can see much more from a standing position. This is a great advantage if you’re SUP surfing, for instance, where being able to spot incoming sets of waves from right out back is a big plus. But even recreational paddlers benefit from this elevated position as it allows riders to spot potential hazards in the distance much sooner. From an enjoyment perspective simply soaking up the enhanced view is also very welcome.

But it’s that glide feel which truly encapsulates. A few short paddle strokes will have you well on the way to sliding nirvana. For those who’ve experienced a SUP knifing through sheet glass water, with barely any wind, the experience is captivating. Even with choppy waters in effect the glide properties of SUP are still tangible.

Check out the full article about glide on SUPHub UK –

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