Jan 2021: Can I still paddleboard during Lockdown #3?

Legally, and according to the letter of the law, and according to the advice given by Sport England on 05 January 2021, the answer is a very clear yes, as long as you can do it on public waterways, and as long as those waterways are local to you.

Can I drive to my launch spot?

If paddleboarding is your only exercise, then you can drive short distances to your launch spot. Short distance is defined as within your local area – your village, town or city in the guidance, but there is no limit specified in law. 

Are there any other restrictions?

Restrictions; No: Considerations; Yes!

Winter is a cold and dangerous time for SUP.  The emergency services are overwhelmed in many areas. So please be sensible.  We think you can paddleboard sensibly this time of year, and at lower risk than many other exercises.  In fact, history shows that watersports are relatively safe activities compared to (for example) bike riding. But tone it down a couple of dials from your normal riding to make sure you stay within safe limits!

We’re not in the business of  writing SUP passports for you folks, so it remains your decision. Unless we have a product to test or a  video to make , we doubt we’re going to paddling until this lockdown is over, probably at Easter.

My club is closed - can I get my SUP from the club?

Yes you can.  British canoeing have had this confirmed by Sport England. Although, because all sport clubs and venues must close, you are recommended to collect your equipment and then store it at home until lockdown is over.

Whatever you do - stay safe!

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