You are currently viewing Easter Holidays 2022 SUP weather long range predictions.

Easter Holidays 2022 SUP weather long range predictions.

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Yes, it’s weather chat time again! With the imminent Easter Holidays period, there’ll no doubt be plenty of paddlers looking to get afloat. Easter can always be a hit or miss affair, depending on how earlier the dates fall. And even with that said a later Easter break doesn’t automatically mean better weather in the UK. It’s not unusual for it to snow in some areas for instance.

As it stands (Mar 7, 2022) the UK’s experiencing a particularly blowy bout of conditions. Temperatures are (generally) around average and just about double digits in some areas. In other parts we know there’s a nagging wintry linger. So what of the Met Office’s long range weather predictions for Easter and beyond?

Well, the suggestion is for conditions to be a mixed bag, erring towards the changeable and breezy. This isn’t altogether a bad thing as there’s always somewhere that’ll offer shelter from gusts. Or, alternatively, use the blow to your advantage and get involved with some downwind paddling action. Make sure you’ve ticked your logistics boxes, have a bunch of safety precautions in place, and you’re good to go.

Of course, the other alternative is to get gone abroad. With travel restrictions being less than they were (in some places) Easter 2022 is looking like a busy time for overseas travel. If you SUP, and fancy some warm weather paddling, a whole raft of locations exist to choose from. For anyone looking for last minute international SUP travel location inspiration check out the McConks International bitesize SUP travel guides here.

Back to the weather though and the good news is thermometer readings are looking like staying above average for the long term. And we all know everyone loves paddling in less clothing! Just be aware the caveat to this is early mornings will still be chilly. For anyone fancying some dawn raid action you’ll probably still need to wrap up.

Later, towards the end of April, weather conditions are set to become more settled with mercury levels rising a tad more. That could signal more fair weather stand up paddle boarding conditions for those that can following the Easter break.

Here’s what the Met Office says in full –

Monday 11 Apr – Wednesday 20 Apr

To begin the period, showery conditions with occasional sunny spells are likely across most of the country, with the heaviest and most frequent showers likely in the west, where they may merge into longer spells of rain. Strong winds expected, especially in the southeast and far north. Moving further into April, unsettled conditions are expected to continue, particularly in the south and west. Spells of rain and strong winds are expected for most areas, with occasional dry interludes. Temperatures expected to be above average. The heaviest rain and strongest winds likely over western hills, where some snow is possible. From mid-April, more settled conditions are expected with longer spells of dry and fine weather. However, changeable intervals are possible. Above average temperatures should persist, however overnight frosts may occur.

Thursday 21 Apr – Thursday 5 May

Towards the end of April high pressure should remain dominant, with spells of dry weather and below average precipitation becoming increasingly likely towards the end of the month. Temperatures are anticipated to stay above average during this period.

However the weather turns out during Easter 2022 we’re any paddler determined to head out will do so in the best possible way. Whatever you get up to enjoy!

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