You are currently viewing Easter 2021 SUP weather: warm, sunny, snowy, cold or something in between?

Easter 2021 SUP weather: warm, sunny, snowy, cold or something in between?

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Everyone’s hoping for a good summer this year, After a gloomy winter featuring lockdown, short days and colder temperatures the swinging in of Easter marks (for a good many) the start of the summer season – even though it technically isn’t. But with a public holiday on the cards, lockdown restrictions easing a tad and the clocks having already changed (by then) it’s enough to entice stand up paddlers out for a float. And there’s a good many of you gagging for that first dip of a blade!

Easter 2021 is early this year, however, so what does that mean for the weather?

Some sources are predicting this Bank Holiday will be a warm one with 20C+ likely in some places. Those same ‘oracles’ are also suggesting that April could be warm in general, following the overall trend of rising global temperatures these last few years. This should signal joyous applause for all you stand up paddle boarders who like fine conditions. But hold your horses!

There’s a lot riding on it being a good weather start to the season. With some businesses having been shuttered for months it’ll be opening time with a good many tourist related companies needing the custom, and also relying on Mother Nature’s happy mood to bolster this. A cynic may suggest that positive vibe news reports are being created to buoy up the mood and reel punters in. Then there are the usual suspect sensationalist stories of ‘hottest ever Easter on record’ and so on that should just be ignored!

Whilst the weather in April tends to be better on the whole it should be remembered that we can still get snow and early mornings/late evenings may be chilly. Even more so with this year’s early public holiday. Looking to the conservative Met Office and meteorologist Alex Burkill says: ‘Temperatures should start to pick up… the general trend is largely fine weather into the Bank Holiday weekend.’ Which is a more honest view. The other thing to keep in mind is weather predictions outside of a three day period can’t be cemented as we don’t have the technological means to make this call 100% yet. In the future maybe…

So, a cautious optimism is probably the right thought pattern with hopefully the stars aligning and we all enjoying a decent kick off to 2021’s summer of SUP. Only time will tell.

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