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Dry robe change robes – new high street beach wear fashion?

We’re big fans of dry robe/change robes here at McConks. We use them for a variety of things – pre-paddling, post-paddling, middle of the day paddling, evening paddling and so on. More and more we’re seeing people wearing dry robes in everyday situations, such as when cooler weather swings in, yet nowhere near a body of water. By everyday situations we’re talking when getting afloat isn’t on the agenda.

It seems those in the know see dry robe/change robes more like weatherproof, full length trench coats. A bit like the Old Wild West trends of that time now updated to a more watersports leaning ‘all terrain’ outer layer. And why not? After all, the same properties that make them suitable for protecting modesty, keeping warm and getting changed for a spot of SUP makes them just as suitable for off Momma Nature mood days where you need some additional protection. We do chuckle when a wearer is spotted down the local supermarket, browsing fruit and veg with their dry robe on though! We wonder if pub gardens may see a flock of dry robe wearers in attendance when current lockdown restrictions lift and ale houses reopen. The perfect solution for outdoors bevearge quaffing…

And it’s not just adults either. Some of our younger friends swear by them. Just look at his beaming face in the accompany pic below! You can positively feel the enthusiasm for his change robe oozing from the screen…

Jesting aside the wearing of dry robes in high street, every day, out and about scenarios does highlight their versatility meaning they’re an accessory – for SUP or otherwise – that nobody should be without. Get your own via the link below.

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