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Do you wear sunglasses in winter?

Do you wear sunglasses in winter?

Should you?  Absolutely yes!

20 years ago, probably the only people who could get away with wearing shades in winter were skiers, and celebs. Except maybe Bono, who never quite got away with it.  Any normal people were laughed at, or called wannabe celebs.floating sunglasses

But in recent years, medical understanding of the damage that winter sun can do to our eyes means that the majority of optometrists will now recommend wearing UV400 sunglasses year round.

Although the sun isn’t as hot in winter,  it doesn’t mean that the UV rays are any less dangerous. And with the sun sitting lower in the sky and at different angles during the winter, the exposure and damage can actually be greater.  Especially if you’re looking at the horizon for an extended period, such as at sports events, or when you’re paddling or riding.

The two highest risk groups are watersports participants and mountain sports participants.  Both groups of people typically spend lots of time outside in winter, spending lots of time looking at the horizon, and in an environment that reflects the sun back up (water and snow/ice).

And if you don’t look after your eyes, you can suffer from early onset of a range of eye diseases normally associated with aging, such as macular degeneration.

So get wearing those shades in winter!

And if you don’t have any yet…

McConks have developed a range of sunglasses aimed at paddlers that are polarised, that float, and that provide all the protection you need, all year round.  And they’re sustainable and ethiCAL

Stay safe on the water!


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